Gonczar’s Waiawa Woods, 2010 Award-winning             Artisan quality                   Fine furniture Site by: JTeDesigns,com John has designed and built fine furniture for more than thirty years. He began building unique furniture on the island of O’ahu in the Waiawa Valley. After creating beautiful furniture in the Hawaiian islands for over two decades, he moved to Washington state where he continues to build with traditional, tropical and unusual hardwoods. John’s fine furniture can be seen in numerous mansions, architecturally designed and decorated homes, and 5-star resorts in the islands. John has received numerous awards for his furniture, some of which include: Best of Show People’s Choice Best of Furniture At an early age I discovered that I loved to build things, especially with wood. It wasn’t until I moved to Hawaii as a young man that I truly became awed by the variety of beautiful woods that grew there. I began to collect whatever type of wood that was unusual or beautiful with the idea of incorporating it into one of my projects. I would often design a project around an unusually figured piece of wood. Over the years I’ve gathered a large variety of island and mainland woods that are unique in some way, and use than as my pallet when creating a piece of furniture. Since moving to the mainland Northwest, I’ve been discovering highly figured big leaf maple and combining it with some of the Hawaiian woods. I’ve always tried to know my source for the wood to ensure it was legally harvested. Apart from  few domestic species, I find most of the most beautiful woods in trees that have come down in people’s yards for one reason or another. I’ve even salvaged some extraordinary pieces from firewood piles! Site by: JTeDesigns,com