Gonczar’s Waiawa Woods, 2010 Award-winning             Artisan quality                   Fine furniture These pictures are simply a few examples of the hundreds of pieces that John has built for his customers over many years. Each item is made to order, and because wood is a natural material, no two pieces are identical. Should you want a similar piece of furniture, John will build another one that is as unique as yourself. Individuals, families, corporations and interior designers; John has designed and built for all types of clients. If you are thinking about a particular piece of furniture, we can send you pictures of other pieces. Before ordering a piece of furniture, you may wish to research different periods and styles of furniture as well as types of woods to find your inspiration. It is possible to take elements from one piece and incorporate features into something that you have never seen before. Imagine the possibilities! Bookcase in private residence, Manoa Valley, O’ahu Enter Catalog Gallery     Site by: JTeDesigns,com